Rotary Digital Print

As an extension to Peak Marketing’s Digital Print service, we also offer Rotary Digital Printing.  This is the process of applying digital printing to curved objects.

This allows our clients to benefit from all the advantages of the digital print technique and apply this to curved objects.

rotary digital print image

The Rotary Digital Printing solution involves the transfer of UV ink directly from inkjet print heads to produce detailed artwork using both closely matched spot colours and full colour branding on curved products.

rotary digital print image 2

Benefits to Rotary Digital Printing:

  • Ideal for large or complex full colour prints.
  • The print is dry and ready to ship as soon as the product is printed.
  • Only one setup charge is required regardless of the number of print colours.
  • No loss of print vibrancy, even on darker products.

rotary digital print image 3

Contact us now to see what a customized branding solution can look like for your brand! Our solutions team can be reached on 1300 791 339 or email us at If you email us, a member of the team will respond within 24 hours (during a standard work week).

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